Updating Results

The job offer

Congratulations! Your preparation has paid off and you have received a job offer.

You can either accept the offer or ask for a short period of time to consider your decision.

Evaluating an offer In order to decide whether you should take a job, start by reviewing the information you gathered when you initially applied. Ask yourself some questions, including:

  • How does the position fit with my short and long-term career goals?
  • How challenging are the daily work tasks and do they match my skills?
  • Do I find the salary and benefits acceptable?
  • Are there possibilities for developing new skills, taking on responsibility and progressing my career?
  • Will the demands of the job fit with my lifestyle?
  • What is the organisation’s stage of development and financial situation?

Considering more than one offer

If you are fortunate to receive more than one offer, think carefully about the advantages and disadvantages of each position and assess how each role and employer fits with your future plans. Consider the long-term benefits as well as the short term, such as the starting salary versus potential for assuming greater levels of responsibility.

Waiting on an offer

If you receive an offer from one employer, but are hoping for an offer from another, acknowledge the offer you’ve received and find out if there is an acceptance deadline. If you need to negotiate a longer timeframe, provide a valid reason for doing so. Most graduate employers will expect that you are applying to more than one program, however, be careful about telling them you are waiting for a better offer and implying they are your second choice.

Accepting an offer and then rejecting it for another opportunity may reflect negatively on your future job search within the same industry. It’s better to request extra time to weigh up your options before committing yourself.

Accepting the offer

Most employers will require you to sign their copy of the offer letter, which will contain the basic conditions of employment: the job description, commencement date, salary level and probationary period.