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Top tips for graduates applying at Kraft Heinz Company

Brianne Turk

Careers Commentator
You’d be hard-pressed to find a graduate who hasn’t heard of Heinz or Kraft Foods Group.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a graduate who hasn’t heard of Heinz or Kraft Foods Group. Just think Golden Circle Juice, Kraft Peanut Butter, Weight Watchers, Heinz Ketchup, Greenseas Tuna and Cottee’s Jam. You’ve likely seen – if not consumed – many products made by these brands.

What you might not know, is that in 2015 these two companies merged, producing what is now known as Kraft Heinz Company.

Kraft Heinz Company offers Corporate Management Trainee Program. We contacted their recent grads for insider tips on how to land a trainee position.

Display drive and eagerness

At Kraft Heinz Company, personal attributes are given far greater importance than a string of academic achievements and qualifications. Recruiters are particularly looking for people who are self motivated, up for a challenge and willing to learn new things. So make sure you use examples to highlight your drive and persistence in your CV and interview.  

“The Kraft/Heinz Graduate Program does not require applicants with a particular degree, instead they focus on finding people who are entrepreneurial, self-motivated and work well in a team. Within my cohort of graduates, we have people who have studied law, politics, business/commerce and aeronautical engineering! Attitude and ambition is important and you need to be willing to learn and challenge yourself.”

– Graduate

“Kraft Heinz strongly promotes the fact that they don’t hire people based on qualifications but on the characteristics you possess. If you are a strong leader who is motivated by achieving results then you will be able to adapt to any role, regardless of what you studied. A prime example of this is that I was able to work in the finance department for two months with no financial background. As a grad, you need to be able to come into a company and question the status quo to bring about innovation and change.”

– Graduate

“In order to succeed in my role, and many roles for that matter, [it] doesn’t require a wealth of qualifications but rather an eagerness to learn and the drive to excel.”

– Graduate

Pay attention at uni

Although program entry isn’t dependent on accolades and qualifications, recent grads feel that putting more time and effort into their university studies would have really helped. Perhaps it’s time to learn from your predecessors and knuckle down…

“Pay attention in statistics classes. I remember sitting in my business statistics unit, pondering the relevance of the subject and when I would ever use it in my everyday life. Now knowing how data-driven large companies are, take my advice and pay as much attention as possible in these units, as you will be playing with numbers on a daily basis.”

        – Graduate

“Go to lectures. Engage with your course. In the grand scheme of things ten hours of lectures and tutorials a week isn’t back-breaking. I tried my hardest to prove that it was.”

        – Graduate

Follow your passion

In the words of some very wise grads:

“There is an enormous weight on university students to know exactly what they want to do upon finishing their degree. To be honest, before starting my graduate program, I was unaware of half the career options out there. Apply for a job that interests you, or a company that excites you and once you start, you’ll expose yourself to all types of jobs you probably didn’t even know existed! I think a majority of people at Kraft Heinz have worked in at least two or three different functions!”

        – Graduate

“No matter what it is, if you are passionate about what you are doing, love doing it and are truly committed to working for it, you can be anything you want.”

        – Graduate

Invest in yourself  

It’s attractive to see someone investing in themselves outside of work and study. Kraft Heinz Company trainees encourage students to get involved in a myriad of activities and create a life that is interesting and diverse. This gives candidates an edge – a point of difference – something for recruiters to remember them by.

“Have a story to tell. It can be easy for students to get tied up in a life of merely study and sleep. Make sure you find time to immerse yourself in as many experiences as possible, whether it be travelling, trying new hobbies or volunteering. Having a story to tell, will make you a more interesting candidate when it comes to applying for jobs.”

        – Graduate

“Do things – it can be anything, from playing Quidditch, joining the hiking club to volunteering at a food bank every week. Either way, stay active, try new things and invest in yourself.”

– Graduate

“Get involved in as much as you can during your time at university. Whether it be joining a team sport or attending faculty run events, make the most of it.”

– Graduate

And finally...

Moving from university to full-time employment is a huge change, one that can make some people feel quite isolated. With this is mind, we’d like to leave you with a final piece of advice:

“Lap up the uni lifestyle – life is more than a degree, job, status or an award. The friends you make leading up to full time employment are an invaluable support system.”

– Graduate

Visit GradAustralia for more information on the Kraft Heinz Graduate program.