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Top 10 Interview Questions for Recent Graduates

Team Prosple

It's good to be prepared for your interview especially if you are a recent graduate. Here are the top 10 questions and tips as to how to answer them.

Tell us about yourself.

You're not going to tell the interviewer about your favourite cuisine, movie, or star in this situation! The interviewer generally asks this question to determine how confident you are and how you portray yourself. Telling the hiring manager about your schooling and family history may be the best approach to respond to this frequently asked interview question. However, this should not seem to be your entire narrative. You should immediately focus on discussing a few of your skills to provide a foundation for future conversations regarding your potential for the job position.

What are your strengths?

This is one of the most crucial fresher interview questions since the employer evaluates your abilities for the job role and attempts to comprehend the difficulties you may encounter in your new position. It's a good idea to talk about your job-related skills. You can talk about any specific subject, especially if you are confident in answering any topic related to computer engineering, electrical goods, business processes, etc. One such interview response sample for an electrical engineer job interview would be to speak about your experience in assessing electrical products, systems, and components. Finally, mentioning that you are a fast learner adds value to your abilities.

What are your weaknesses?

When you have to discuss your shortcomings with your hiring manager, it is highly critical that you choose your words wisely. However, claiming that you have no flaws is never a good idea since it makes you seem arrogant. As a result, choose a flaw that has no bearing on your present work. For example, if you are scared of sleeping alone, this might be a flaw!

What are your hobbies?

If you're wondering why the employer cares about your hobbies, it's a vital interview question to consider. Via this question, the interviewer attempts to determine your personality, energy level, and fit with the company's culture. If you're applying for a client-meeting position, discuss something that adds value to your skills, like traveling and meeting people. Even simple interests like sports or reading show that you like to keep yourself occupied.

What do you know about us?

It is one of the most essential interview questions that a hiring manager will ask you at the start of the discussion to see how much you know about the company where you want to work. As a result, the best approach to ace this interview question is to do extensive research on the firm, read online about the company's recent developments, understand its business, and, most importantly, read the job description carefully.

Why should we hire you?

The employer wants to evaluate your ability to sell your skills and persuasion power with this question. Furthermore, this interview question is a chance to demonstrate your interest in the position. The ideal approach to respond to this question is to discuss your abilities and qualities that are relevant to the job position. You may also include some instances of how you handled a few projects or significant tasks in college that demonstrate your abilities.

Why do you want to work with us?

Freshers are often asked this popular interview question to determine what they desire and how much they know about the company they are interviewing for. As a result, learning about the company's history, operations, services, and other essential information is always a good idea.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Answering this question as a first job interview may be challenging at times. Of course, we are more worried about our first year on the job at this point, and preparing for the next five years may be intimidating for many new employees. The purpose of asking this question is to double-check two things. First, your desire to remain with the business longer, and second, how well-planned your professional objectives are.

What are your salary expectations?

As a recent graduate, discussing your first paycheck is both thrilling and stressful. The easiest approach to prepare for this question is to do preliminary research so that you can confidently choose a fair range. If you have no clue what fair pay for the job position is, just respond that you will take the package based on industry norms. This gives a lot of room for bargaining when it comes to the final offer letter.

Do you have any questions for us?

The majority of job interviews end with this fundamental interview question, where the interviewer allows you to clarify any questions you may have. Furthermore, asking questions demonstrates that you are a self-assured and focused individual who seeks clarity in his or her work.