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IIMs to allot extra seats to attract international students

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Academics think that enrolling more international students would enhance Indian B-schools' worldwide rankings since the rankings place a high value on aspects such as internationalisation, foreign faculty, students, and global exposure.

Indian institutions have traditionally struggled to attract international students since the country does not rank among the top study destinations in the world. To address this, several Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) have allotted supernumerary seats in a variety of programmes.

IIM Kozhikode has announced 50 seats for foreign students in three full-time MBA programmes: Postgraduate Programme (PGP) MBA (20 seats), Postgraduate Programme (PGP) in Finance (20 seats), and Postgraduate Programme (PGP) in Liberal Studies and Management (10 seats).

"In the last several years, our classes have grown more gender diverse, with pupils from different educational backgrounds." To increase cultural variety, we are increasingly focusing on global nationals. Students from various walks of life enrol at the institution, from rural Bihar to metro cities. However, the majority of the world's present and future issues are global in nature, necessitating global thinking to find answers. Shubhasis Dey, Dean (Programs and International Relations), IIM-K, adds, "We have also connected up with Study in India programme and reoriented the whole admission policy."

Students who want to enrol in these programmes at IIM-K will not be required to pass the CAT exam. Candidates must have a graduate degree or equivalent in any field, as well as valid CAT/GRE/GMAT and TOEFL scores.

Dey thinks that these students will be able to offer the institution a variety of collaborations possibilities. "On September 15, the initial round of admissions ended, and only about ten international applicants applied for the supernumerary seats." "The road is upward; the situation may alter in a few years," he adds.

IIM Ahmedabad was one of the first institutions to provide extra seats in two-year MBA programmes. IIM Indore also offers a supernumerary quota for the five-year integrated programme in management (IPM).