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UP govt to give free tablets, smartphones to youths

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Uttar Pradesh government to give free tablets, smartphones to students pursuing higher education

The Uttar Pradesh cabinet has approved the government's plan to distribute free tablets and cellphones to the state's youth in both urban and rural regions.

The state government said in a press release that free cellphones and tablets would be given to youngsters participating in different training programs in the state, including graduation, postgraduate, diploma, skill development, paramedical, and nursing, among others. The benefit will be extended to youngsters enrolling in higher education, technical education, health education, skill development training, ITI, and the state's "Seva Mitra" portal.

The state administration has described the distribution of tablets and smartphones as an initiative for the technological development of the young, estimating that the initiative would cost the state a budget of 3,000 crores. Not only will the young be able to successfully finish their educational courses, but they will also be able to utilise the devices to work in different government/non-government organisations or self-employment programs once they have completed their schooling.

Various educational institutions maintained their teaching operations via online methods throughout the epidemic. The unavoidable need for students and adolescents to be digitally empowered has been felt at all levels. Digital media are increasingly being utilised by the young to apply for different government and non-government positions, get coaching/ training or apply for any other job.

"Technical and educational institutions are also using internet media to provide and disseminate instructional materials and tutorial lectures to students. Data access through an internet connection is also available at a low cost. The smartphones/ tablets will educate, train, and empower the state's young in both urban and rural regions," according to the state administration.

The skill development department's "Seva Mitra" initiative is a key program through which different skill services such as a plumber, carpenter, nurse, electrician, and AC mechanic are taught. They would be given tablets or smartphones in order to make a livelihood by offering improved services to the people.