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CRCC Asia Testimonial : Arthur M

Employer Insight

Arthur M studied at The Australian National University and joined CRCC Asia Business Internships in Beijing.

“I graduated from the Australian National University at the Strategic Defence Studies Centre in 2011 with a Master of Strategic Studies and since then I have been living and working in Canberra. In April I left Australia for a two-month internship in Beijing with an international charity, in addition I am also learning Mandarin at a basic level every Tuesday night after work.

Also, throughout my studies I learnt a great deal about China, but it was only by reading books and articles. Seeing it first-hand and actually living here is a lot more valuable than all the studies and research I have done. There is some Chinese quote which is perfect for this, but I can’t think of it now!

The most surprising thing I have seen was a protest by one woman at Tiananmen Square who was quickly whisked away by the guards and police.

The best thing so far has been watching the sunrise over the mountains whilst on the Great Wall of China.”