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Project Everest Ventures Testimonial: Polina Pashkov

Employer Insight

Polina studied a Bachelor of Communication (Media Arts and Production) and a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at The University of Technology, Sydney.

'Being engrossed in the PE community these last 2-years has been a whirlwind of experiences… I have definitely learnt a multitude of things that I have and will continue to take into my personal endeavours and my professional journey. Not only have I learnt how to drive a manual vehicle, but I grew an unusual admiration for admin and logistics. I was also thrown into the startup/business world, picking things up like financial modelling, rapid prototyping, fast failing, pivoting, prioritisation, empathising and so much more! As well as leadership, my overall experience has been a result of the diverse people in this community that I have had the pleasure of learning from and growing with. All these encounters have contributed to the footing and confidence I have in growing my own business, which I have been doing for over a year now!'